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compassion-gorillaWho you gonna call when it’s time to shake your Accordion Noir Fest boo-ty? Compassion Gorilla that’s who! With ghost-busting  Julie Gennai at the accordion helm, this band brings a unique concoction of worldbeat, latin folk, dub and psychedelic music. They enwrap audiences in a spell of dance and magic with squeezy melodies, racy horn lines, brazen guitar harmonies, driving hand-percussion rhythms, thick basslines, and full-bodied vocal harmonies. Who are YOU gonna call when it’s time to come to this party?


Kate and Rich ColourWe’d like to give up a HUGE thank-you to the Noir supporters who donated to our Points Pooling Campaign. The points gathered have already helped to pay for the flight costs for four of our guest artists.  Angelica Negron, the composer from New York, Wendy McNeill, the folk noir chanteuse who currently lives in Spain but whose festival show is the last date of her Canadian tour with her new album, and last but definitely not least our two bicycle-touring musicians Kate Romain (sister of busy local drummer Kevin) and Rich Driedger, of the Kate and Rich Duo, from Halifax.

Check out the video that Wendy’s Spanish dogs made about her upcoming tour (they speak surprisingly good English).


10936568_840374506020812_2132272419_oThe Octopus is tied up  in knots with excitement that Svetka and the Raven will be performing on the same night as Wendy McNeill at the festival this year. As soon as the Octopus can untangle itself we will be releasing the schedule, very soon. But in the meantime here is some artist info to fill your boots.

Svetka and the Raven is an illustrious combination of sound and sight intertwined by accordionist/vocalist Julie Gennai and shadow projectionist Charlie Walker. With whimsical sights, tales and melodies, these two artists find a haunting medium between the auditory and the visual. Julie is a multi-faceted artist living in Victoria, BC. She has toured internationally as a accordionist, harpist, and vocalist, working with musical groups such as Blackberry Wood, Compassion Gorilla, and The Wayover Yonders. Julie has also worked with circus-theater company Bread and Puppet as both a puppeteer and member of the circus band.


Octo--Black-Square-for-web   Original woodcut by Jackie Nicholas of Reptrillion for the 8th Annual!


Rattletrap Smaller File Rattletrap Ruckus is a rollicking four-piece instrumental band from Bellingham, WA. They play fiddle tunes, ragtime, tango, paso dobles, various breeds of waltz, klezmer, norteño, polkas, and specialize in providing soundtracks for strange and wonderful cabaret shows. This year the long and curly arms of the Accordion Noir Octopus reach out across the US border and drag this band of American rebels onto our stage to partner with notorious local dancers, clowns and puppeteers. This exotic  mixing of music and art will be anchored, at the heart of it all, by the rag-taggety, brilliant, and irresistable squeezings of Lucas Hicks.


angelica-negron-picOne of the “10 Young Female Composers You Should Know” Flavorpill NYC, Angelica Negron composes  and performs mesmerizing electronics and accordion. She is a long time member of the Puerto Rican underground music scene and founding member of electro-acoustic pop outfit Balún. She currently performs with Tokyo born Shayna Dunkelman (currently on tour with Xiu Xiu opening for Timber Timbre) who is known for combining classical techniques, improv and xylosynth. Here is a video clip of Shayna and Angelica performing at a recent tribute to Laurie Anderson. Noirfest opening night, Thursday Sept 10th, is being co-produced by the Western Front on the same night as the 16th annual Art Swarm. It will be a mind-blowing night with a double-bill featuring a short new-work for accordion by local composer/physical theatre team Elliot Vaughan and Elysse Cheadle.


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