Iva Nova (St Petersburg, Russia)

Ethno Extreme!

Iva Nova is a multilingual band who describes their mixture of Slavic, electronic and rock influences as ‘ethno-extreme’. Hailing from St. Petersburg, this all female group of consummate musicians has honed their unusual sound through fourteen years of European touring, building a loyal following with their politically relevant yet mischievous songs. Caught between rural restlessness and urban insanity, Iva Nova’s music offers Canadian audiences a taste of Russia’s bubbling alternative scene.

 Antti Paalanen (Kokkola, Finland)

Accordion Dance Party Shaman

Paalanen has become one of Europe’s most sought after accordion performers, transporting audiences to primal Finnish landscapes through his signature combination of virtuosic technique and inspired electronics. He makes his North American debut at the Accordion Noir Festival at St. James Anglican Church.

"In the hands of the man from South Ostrobothnia the accordion is manhandled in a manner that hammers intensive shamanism into wolfram carbide, in a furnace of growling, throat-bellowing and progressive surrealism. The man and his accordion dove hand in hand into waters so deep that upon surfacing, having spent his last lungful of oxygen, the listener has the sense of having visited the furthermost frontiers of unexplainability." (Waldemar Wallenius,

Douglas Schmidt and Giorgio Magnanensi

Bandoneon and Electronics, "Raw Meat and Butterflies"

Douglas Schmidt and Giorgio Magnanensi team up to create a new work for electronics and bandoneon. Douglas Schmidt (Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam), is a standout performer/composer who appears with symphony orchestras across the world and Giorgio Magananensi is “ increasingly influential figure in Vancouver’s developing classical/jazz crossover culture [...] one of the most outgoing, provocative, and multifaceted musicians on the local scene.” (Alex Varty).

Geoff Berner Album Release

East Vancouver's Whiskey Rabbi

Hometown accordion legend Geoff Berner celebrates the 10th annual festival with the release of his latest album "Canadiana Grotesquica", on Coax Records.

Lykaire (Lafayette, Indiana)

Accordion DJ

Lykaire, Landon Lehman, is a twenty-two year old music producer and accordionist residing in West Lafayette, Indiana. Since the age of six, Landon has been playing the accordion. The addition of keyboards, drums, vocal chops, sampling, instrument tracking, and other recordings were a part of creating his own music in his early teenage years through today at his studio in West Lafayette. Currently, Lykaire is a live performer with electronic controllers, a keyboard, and his accordion.

More 2017 Artist announcements to come soon....


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