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Friday night at the Accordion Noir Festival is a two part affair. Part one is an epic concert that will generate exquisite vibrations and part two is the chance to integrate those vibrations with dance and celebration. Part two takes us back to the Russian Hall for a boundary breaking set with accordion DJ Lykaire, a roma/funk dance set by Balkan Shmalkan and an inaugural set by Iva Nova. Iva Nova will also be performing a longer set at the Saturday night show. Russian Hall, 600 Campbell Ave., Doors 9:30, Show 10:00pm-12:00am

Iva Nova (St Petersburg, Russia)

Ethno Extreme!

Iva Nova is a multilingual band who describes their mixture of Slavic, electronic and rock influences as ‘ethno-extreme’. Hailing from St. Petersburg, this all female group of consummate musicians has honed their unusual sound through fourteen years of European touring, building a loyal following with their politically relevant yet mischievous songs. Caught between rural restlessness and urban insanity, Iva Nova’s music offers Canadian audiences a taste of Russia’s bubbling alternative scene.

Lykaire (Lafayette, Indiana)

Accordion DJ

Lykaire, Landon Lehman, is a twenty-two year old music producer and accordionist residing in West Lafayette, Indiana. Since the age of six, Landon has been playing the accordion. The addition of keyboards, drums, vocal chops, sampling, instrument tracking, and other recordings were a part of creating his own music in his early teenage years through today at his studio in West Lafayette. Currently, Lykaire is a live performer with electronic controllers, a keyboard, and his accordion.

Balkan Shmalkan

Squeezy and Brassy Beats

East Vancouver's sweet dance party orchestra; think global music with a local attitude. Funky brass dance beats are rooted in the traditions of the Roma and Klezmorim of Eastern Europe and blended with a mixture of pop and jazz. With Adam Farnsworth on accordion, the group contains six to ten musicians playing reed, brass and percussion instruments of both eastern and western origin. Balkan Shmalkan is exceptionally versatile and mobile, playing on and off stage with nothing more than the power of their lungs and a few horns.

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