Buy tickets for 10th Annual Accordion Noir Festival: Geoff Berner's Album Release Extravaganza

Saturday night at the Accordion Noir Festival is the ultimate dance party night. Local accordion messiah Geoff Berner releases a new album and Iva Nova makes their North American debut on the 15th anniversary of the inception of their band. To warm things up, animal lovin' banjo accordion duo Button and String will start up the night and accordion DJ Lykaire will be on hand to keep the dance energy flowing between sets. Russian Hall, 600 Campbell Ave., Doors 730, Show 8:00pm-12:00am

Geoff Berner Album Release

East Vancouver's Whiskey Rabbi

“Canadiana Grotesquica”, an album of 9 original songs, plus a cover of “My Heart Is a Piece of Garbage. Fight! Seagulls, Fight!” by Rae Spoon, is something of a departure for Berner. His last 5 albums have been forays into the genre of klezmer/punk. This record is more of a country-tinged singer-songwriter affair, in the style of his first full-length, “We Shall Not Flag Or Fail, We Shall Go On To The End”.  Songs like “The Ghost of Terry Fox” and “Rule of the Road” come with a melancholy twang, due in part to the role of Paul Rigby (Neko Case, Carolyn Mark) as producer. This is Berner’s 7th studio album. It is being released in Canada on Coax Records and in Europe on the German label 9pm Records. On October 14th Berner also releases a new novel "The Fiddler is a Good Woman" on Dundurn Press and soon afterwards he hits the road hard with an album/book launch tour that will take him through Canada, continental Europe, Scandinavia, and some dates in the U.S. See his newly face-lifted website for show info.

Iva Nova (St Petersburg, Russia)

Ethno Extreme!

Iva Nova is a multilingual band who describes their mixture of Slavic, electronic and rock influences as ‘ethno-extreme’. Hailing from St. Petersburg, this all female group of consummate musicians has honed their unusual sound through fourteen years of European touring, building a loyal following with their politically relevant yet mischievous songs. Caught between rural restlessness and urban insanity, Iva Nova’s music offers Canadian audiences a taste of Russia’s bubbling alternative scene.

Button and String 

Friends with Chickens and other Critters

Kait & Kate are blasting over from Victoria with plans to get you movin'!  Shredding clawhammer banjo, ripping accordion, and weaving harmonies of swashbuckling mirth.  Their antics on stage may get you to thinkin' they're an old married couple o' farts, reincarnated as two sassy gals who chuckle and rock in their chairs before you.  Always a captivating performance of dexterity, humour, and a fine goulash of tunes: from European folk dance to Appalachian old time; from klezmer to bluegrass; and of course a good dose of originals.  Button & String sprung into action in early 2016, after respective crazy journeys across the country.  They were each other’s secret admirers on the east coast: attending the shows of one-another in Halifax, each thinking they were not good enough to play with the other.  Now you can find them busking in the streets, playing in cafés, on festival stages or in your own living room!

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