Elin Noir Poster Draft April 6, 2016-small for onlineThe artwork for  this year's poster and promotional campaign, Noir Potion #9, has been created through the generous help of Swedish fine artist Elin Jonsson. Elin is the co-founder of the local company Imaginary Games and co-creator of the CMF award winning card game Afterland. Before moving to Canada in 2009 she worked for many years as the art director for the largest bohemian music festival in Sweden, Peace & Love. Her personal love for vintage circus and all things french became the identity of the festival and her Art was seen across Sweden in Magazines and Television. Elin Jonsson's twisted tale of darkness and beauty is inspired by Pop Surrealism and Art Nouveau, and her works draws inspiration from Victorian gothic, dark fairy tales, the circus, and of course, accordions. We couldn't have found a better match and are thrilled have the support of such a skilled and talented artist. Elin is donating her time and talent to the Festival this year because she believes that Vancouver needs more events like the Accordion Noir Festival.  Please take some time to check out Afterland and some of her other online works.

Also take a peek at our new poster archive page where you can check out the posters from our festivals over the course of the past nine years.

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